The Band of the Red Stallion is a mercenary organization formed hundreds of years ago, before the establishment of the kingdom of Seraph. The name of the Band comes from a tale from their founding. Originally, the Band was a loose conglomeration of cutthroats with no official leadership until an unnamed knight took charge of the uncoordinated group. The knight’s name has been forgotten throughout the ages, as he took an arrow through his skull at the first deployment of the Band. His red armored horse however continued to charge into enemy lines, encouraging the Band to charge behind the horse, winning the battle. Whether this story is true or not is irrelevant, as the Band named themselves after this legendary horse and have been fighting ever since.

The Band played an incredibly important role in The Great War, serving under Seraph and winning many battles against Communa. After the war, the Seraphian High Council gifted the Band its own headquarters in the city of Seraph and have utilized the Band in the several peacekeeping missions throughout the years.