Kilya’nmaryatadeath Island is one of the largest islands in the Skylian Gulf, Kilya is ominously named as a place that outsiders are not welcome. The Kilya people that have resided on the island have been present there for many years, warding off and killing any foreigners that encroach on their lands. While many have tried to establish contact, study their culture, or dominate them and make them slaves, the tribesman have never bowed to outside authority.

Up until recently, the Kilya people were divided into many tribes with many different cultures. Yet upon the arrival of Iman with a mysterious black pulsating orb that granted wind power to those that could tap its powers, the tribes were united under Iman whom placed the orb on the top of the temple. Winds throughout the island and throughout the surrounding Gulf were thrown into disarray, crashing many boats and ships along Kilya and other islands. After the orb was destroyed by the Team and Iman was captured by Malakai, Makal, and Crushem, peace has returned to the island and the peoples begin to return to their way of life, slightly less wayward to strangers.