Iman is a tan skinned human that claims to be from the Al’kir Desert to the East. After bringing the Wind Orb to Kilya and dominating its people, he soon was toppled by the Team, whom destroyed the orb and forced him to retreat into the Kilya Temple, which housed many of their dead. Despite using his necromantic powers to bring the dead back to life, Malakai, Makal, and Curshem pursued him to the main burial site where they subdued him and brought him outside as a prisoner.

Iman has revealed little, saying he was employed by a very wealthy man from the Al’kir Desert whom had found a mysterious shard in the desert and from it, his most skilled mages were able to create the Wind Orb. Iman was dispatched to Kilya to test it on the peoples and the surrounding waters. Despite heavy torturing and intimidation, Iman has refused to reveal the name of his employer.