Fardeep is a former member of the Alpaca Clan and an honorary member of the Team. When the Alpaca Clan was sent to Grimstead Keep to recover the 2nd shard of the Rod of Law, Fardeep saw the gold that could be gained from selling pieces of the shard on the Seraphian black market, so alongside his accomplice Korlak, he devised a plan to steal both pieces of the shard once the Alpaca Clan had found the 2nd shard within the Keep.

After a hasty retreat, Korlak had stolen one shard while Fardeep had failed to steal the shard held by Duaz. After making their way to Dartleport, Korlak and Fardeep chartered Captain Fireproof to sail them to the Syrian. After renting a room at The Flaccid Sword, Fardeep soon found out that a mysterious cult working alongside the Alpaca Clan had captured Korlak within Dartleport. After enlisting help from a few courteous customers of the tavern, Fardeep was able to escape the Clan and the cultists and enlist the help of his saviors to recover the 2nd piece of the Rod of Law still in possession of Duaz.

After leading the Team to Grimstead Keep and through several secret entrances, the Team faced Duaz and a mysterious wizard by the name of Jeff-Ar. After defeating Duaz and escaping the keep as it fell apart by Jeff-Ar’s spell, Forice, sensing Fardeep was not revealing everything about his motives, cast a sleep spell on him, which allowed Forice to reveal his Alpaca Clan patch from his pocket.

After meeting up with Runic whom was gathering members of the Band of the Red Stallion, his position as a member of the Alpaca Clan became public. Rather than kill him or imprison him, the Team decided to bring him along and use the ship Fardeep chartered to sail to Syrian. As punishment for his deception, Crushem chained a cannonball to Fardeep and began using him as a ranged weapon. He has been an integral member of the group ever since.