Dickbutt is a tall male orc whom served alongside Runic in The Great War. He gained his curious name from a battle he fought during The Great War, in which he refused to swing his axe down, instead swinging it up at his enemies groins. He is said to have destroyed the dicks and butts of many Communan soldiers after that battle. Since the end of the war, he has served as a mercenary under Seraph. After meeting the team outside the ruin of Grimstead Keep, he accompanied the Team to their ship in Dartleport. When a group of Communa soldiers began barring their escape, Dickbutt caused an incredible distration by running on a rampage through the port and the surrounding streets, drawing the attention of the guards away from the dock and allowing the Team to escape.

Dickbutt is assumed to have been killed by the massive explosion that destroyed Dartleport.