The Empire of Communa is a civilization that has existed for many years in the vast green fields of the north-western province, separated from the forests to the south by the Bern Mountains. Communa is mainly composed of humans, whom are in turn divided into many Houses and families fighting for political dominance. Second in population and in status are the Elves and Eladrin that inhabit the western woods, whom could never take a position of power but often act as stewards and advisors to the “superior” humans. While many other races are present in this nation, they are often treated as lesser beings and are scorned by the dominant human populations.

Perhaps Communa’s greatest and most notorious action was the instigation of The Great War, begun with the annexation of the city-state of Belfast. After peace negotiations failed, Seraph began mobilizing for war, amassing armies from all over and calling the Band of the Red Stallion to battle. Although it was thought to be a quick sweep against a much weaker nation, Communa soon found Seraph a more than competent opponent. The war raged all throughout the Seraphian countryside, even going so far as the city of Seraph itself, yet Seraph held for three years, pushing back the invading armies. Political turmoil from within Communa led to many Houses removing their troops from the front lines, allowing Seraph breathing room to regain strength and push Communa back from their city gates.

After three long years of fighting, the Seraphian High Council and High King Ulrich of House Suncrown met and signed the Silver-Blood Concordant which ended all hostilities. Although hostilities with Seraph ended, the in-fighting among the families of Communa continue to this day, yet many speak of Communa working in the shadows, biding its time before it can begin its war again.